The role of Business Intelligence is growing and for better.

At reportgurus, customer finds us as the answer to their quest for developing, implementing, training and providing support.

Crystal Reports.
Basic and Advances reporting which includes DBMS/Database topics and lessons are taught by creating own data in major RDBMS database like either SQL Server or Oracle.

Advanced Reporting.

Advanced reporting topics includes working with Sub-Reports, Summary reports, Cross Tab reporting, advanced charting..

Business Objects Enterprise.
In business objects course, installation, configuration, Managing Users etcetra are taught and also we will train the users on using Infoview, CMC, Publish reports, Schedule in different..


This will include building a security model and covers vast details on how to setup a working secured Enterprise environment..

Expert Opinion

We have our experts go through every topic and make sure that

the follow through of the topics are in line with gradual increase from basic to advanced topics.

By end of each course we do a survey and its discussed in our board of panel who finalizes/revises the course topics.